• A Quick Guide for Blockchain Login and Sign up Process

    Blockchain is one of the world’s top crypto exchanges that provides exchange and wallet services. With its fast and secure exchange services, you can buy cryptos in minutes with a credit card, debit card, or with the help of your bank account.

    When you buy cryptos using Blockchain.login exchange, you can earn rewards of up to 13.5%. It allows you to control the funds with the private key wallet. People who are looking for an efficient and easiest crypto exchange and wallet can choose Blockchain exchange.

    To trade with Blockchain exchange, you need to set up a profile on it. However, the Blockchain login and sign-up processes are quite easy. We have described the steps to create an exchange account for Blockchain and the way to access the Blockchain account.


    Blockchain login account main features

    The main features of Blockchain account are like:

    • Buy and Sell Crypto in Minutes with Blockchain exchange

    • It allows you to buy Bitcoin instantly with a credit card, debit card, or by linking your bank.

    • Earn up to 13.5% in rewards

    • Control your funds with the help of Private Key Wallet

    • Find all your crypto in one place

    Way to Blockchain Sign Up

    If you are not sure about the Blockchain account sign up process then you need to follow the steps that we have mentioned below on this page:

    1. Go to Blockchain.com webpage

    2. Click ‘Get Started’ to visit the sign-up page

    3. Now, choose ‘Create an Exchange’ account

    4. Choose the country of residence

    5. Then, enter an email address

    6. Now, choose a new password

    7. Then, click on the ‘Create Account’ button

    8. When asked, complete the security verification process

    9. Visit the mailbox of your account and get the verification link

    10. Click on the link to verify the email address

    11. Finally, your Blockchain account is ready to use

    Download and Install the Blockchain App

    Blockchain offers mobile app services for Android devices and iPhones. Anyone can install the app by visiting the App or Play Store. If you are not sure about the process then you can install the app by approaching the steps that are given below:

    1. On your device, launch the application store

    Note: Use Play Store on Android device and App Store on iPhone

    1. Write Blockchain in the search bar

    2. Find and install Blockchain app

    3. In a few minutes or seconds, the app will be installed on your device


    Way to Blockchain Login

    The blockchain login account is the most efficient medium to buy and sell cryptos. To log in to your Blockchain account, do the following:

    1. Go to Blockchain.com/login page

    2. Or use the Blockchain mobile app (for Android devices and iPhone)

    3. On the sign-in page, fill in the username and password

    4. Now, select the ‘Login’ button to access your account

    5. Finally, you can buy and sell cryptos using your account

    Way to reset the Blockchain sign-in password?

    In case you have lost the Blockchain password details then do the following to reset the password for your account:

    1. Visit the Blockchain.com page

    2. Head to the Blockchain password recovery page

    3. Type the Blockchain registered email details

    4. Visit the mailbox, find the verification link and click on it

    5. Create a new password for your account (must use special characters)

    6. To save the password, click on the ‘Confirm Password’ link

    7. Now, the Blockchain account password has been updated

    Way to fix Blockchain login issues

    People who are unable to login to their Blockchain login account as they are facing errors on the login page or getting an issue with the Blockchain mobile app itself need to follow the given tips:

    • If you are facing slow internet or no internet on your device while accessing the Blockchain account then try to check the network status on your device. Or connect your device to the home network and then try to access the Blockchain login account.

    • People who are facing issues in getting the Blockchain verification code can try to enable and disable the Airplane mode on their mobile phones. Or you can also try to restart your device to get the code. If your phone number is not active anymore then try to contact Blockchain support to get access to your account.

    • Clear the Blockchain app data and extra cache files from the app. Or try to install the latest version of the Blockchain app on your device.

    • Always check the login credentials before clicking the login button. You can also try to reset the password of your Blockchain account to fix the invalid password error.

    • If you are facing the Blockchain not working problem then remove the app and then reinstall it on your phone.


    In simple words, Blockchain is a trusted and secured exchange in the crypto world. Millions of people are using this exchange across the globe. And, if you also want to start trading with this exchange then you must know the way to do that. However, trading with Blockchain exchange can be easily started by signing up for a new account. The fast and clear steps for Blockchain account sign and login process are mentioned above on this page. Hopefully, this read has given a quick overview of the Blockchain login process.